A guide to garden rooms & planning permission

In many cases, Garden Buildings are considered Permitted Development and don’t require planning permission. This is as long as the building is to be placed less than 2.0m from the boundary of the property with a maximum overall height of no more than 2.5m from existing ground level. However, in some cases depending on your location and area type, planning permission may need to be granted.

In the event of planning permission being required, this is a straightforward application, so don’t let it put you off! At Foster Construction Ltd we can either guide you through the process, or fully assist you and carry this application out as your agent.

We can construct bespoke garden builds and together we will design your new space, whether this is to be used as a garden room, garden office or garden gym! So if you are considering a new Garden Room at your property, contact Foster Construction today to find out how we can help.

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