Complete roof replacement in Wendover, Buckinghamshire

Foster Construction are also very well known for our expertise in specialist roofing projects. We were asked to carry out a roof renewal on this Grade 2 period property which was starting to suffer from water ingress during inclement weather. These works consisted of an initial design process and getting Listed Building Consent granted for which we undertook and succeeded for our client.

During the process of the roofing works we were to salvage a vast amount of all of the existing roof materials and reuse these, as we did not want to jeopardise the character of this property. The existing tiles were carefully removed and cleaned before the installation of a breathable felt membrane and all new battens as required. The second process was to reinstate all existing clay peg tiles back in place using new aluminium peg nails.

Lastly we installed ridge tiles on a lime mortar bed as required.

Any new materials that were used were all reclaimed to keep the character within the property.

Before & After

The finished roof blends perfectly with the rest of the building and is a testament to the care and attention of the Foster Construction team. If you have a roof that needs repairs or replacement, contact Foster Construction today.

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