What to consider when planning a new extension

Prepare a brief

This is your project so make sure you get exactly what you want. Produce a written brief, including detailed drawings where possible, and give a copy to each builder who provides you with a quotation.

Obtain more than one quotation

Ask at least three builders to quote on your job before making an informed decision. Look at the breakdown of costs and ensure they are all quoting for the same scope of works. If some seem a lot cheaper than others, ask how they will achieve the same quality of work at that price, in comparison to your other quotations.

Check what’s included

This ties in with the above. In every situation when redeeming quotations for your new home extension you need to read the quotes carefully and check that they include everything you would like done. This includes things such as the removal of rubbish, site waste and the specification of any fixtures and fittings.

Talk to previous customers

Go and visit the current or last project the builder’s worked on. Most reputable traders will be more than happy to show off their previous work and while you’re there you can get a personal reference from a genuine client.

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